The dream of opening up your home and letting nature in is the basis for Lacuna’s manufacturing of folding doors in Langeskov on Funen today. The fact that the folding doors last for 30-50 years is the result of continuous product development, a careful selection of materials and the aim of being the best folding door manufacturer in the world.
Lacuna was founded in 2006 by CEO Henrik Brunsø and Lars Holm.

Our philosophy is to offer the absolute best value for money through being “FOCUSED, LEAN AND TRANSPARENT” with our doors as the focal point.

In relatively few years, Lacuna has become a well-known brand in Denmark and abroad, due to powerful quality and design, which is the result of all employees being extremely focused on becoming the world’s best in folding doors.
Lacuna exports a significant part of the production to countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden.

Niels StormDK Head of Sales

nsh@lacuna.dk+45 61442934

Anette Holm BolanderSales and Shipping

ahb@lacuna.dk+45 40182068

Henrik BrunsøCEO og Founder 

hb@lacuna.dk+45 40186565

Yvonne BrunsøSales

yb@lacuna.dk+45 40198685

Martin R. FisherHead of Export

mrf@lacuna.dk+45 21660880

Morten Skovgaard AndersenHead of Production

msa@lacuna.dk+45 29844006

Lars Holm-JørgensenCo-Founder / Service Manager

lhj@lacuna.dk+45 26831000

René PetersenFinance Manager 

rp@lacuna.dk+45 22858923

Emma Brunsø /Board member


Erling Lykke NielsenBoard member

Claas ThöleBoard member