Our customers don’t need to worry about being burgled. Lacuna folding doors are suspended from the top frame, have locks on all the doors, and work without a rail in the bottom frame, which is known to gather dirt. The glass is glued from the inside, so potential burglars will not be able to enter, even if they damage the doors.

Our beautifully designed handles and hinges are made from 18 mm brushed, acid-proof stainless steel.

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When a Lacuna folding door is closed, each door leaf is individually locked. Together with strong hinges, it ensures that the door cannot be pulled or pushed out.


As an option, it you can of course choose various glass specifications. For installations with public access, there may be requirements for safety glass, just as many of our markets have this requirement. It is therefore no problem to get toughened and/or laminated glass in Lacuna’s products.


One thing is words, reality is different. Security is important to us. That is why we naturally have our folding doors and folding windows tested by the Danish Technological Institute.


A Lacuna folding door can be supplied with a number of different locking options, from the traditional terrace handle with three-point lock to the Danish SKAFOR approved systems.

It is possible to get combinations of cylinders both internal and externally, and code handles are also an option.


The Lacuna folding doors are made with internal glazing beadside. This gives a number of advantages; with regards to security, it means that intruders cannot remove the glazing beads and the glass.