patio doors

We give you the opportunity to get a beautiful patio door that matches your folding doors. Our patio doors are made to the same principle as our folding doors, to ensure top quality.



It is possible to choose from a number of wood species for your patio door: oak, beech and mahogany. At Lacuna, we use environmentally friendly processes in our treatment of the wood, which make it as maintenance free as wood / alu. Please read about our TMT Composite® treatment below.


TMT Composite® (Thermal Modified Timber) is the concept of Lacuna’s advanced heat-treatment, which we use on beech for the patio doors. No chemicals whatsoever, only heat, is used in the treatment. Through the TMT® process the timber obtain durability class 1, as teak, and a humidity of about 5.5%, making the modified timber very suitable for folding doors, as dimensional stability is extremely important for an airtight product that should not need adjustment during changing weather conditions (moisture / drought).

The TMT Composite® also provides much better insulation, as the wood cannot absorb moisture like untreated wood. The result is a patio door that lasts for many, many years.


We can also supply European oak and FSC certified sapele mahogany, without TMT Composite® treatment, oiled in a number of color tints.


It is possible to chose among a number of surface treatments – either painted or oiled.
More than 90% of what we manufacture is painted TMT beech. We can paint in all colors, and also in transparent paint with UV filter on e.g. TMT Composite®.

We at Lacuna paint our patio doors like in the automotive industry, priming our products twice with sanding inbetween and applying two or three layers of top coat, depending on colour. The result is a super smooth surface (many believe it is painted aluminium) that is much more durable than through the traditional technique used in the window industry.


In line with our principles, we only use environmentally friendly, water-based and proven durable paints.

You can choose from a large number of RAL and NCS colors.

For items that are not particularly exposed, no paint treatment is required the first 25-35 years.


For our oil-treated mahogany or oak products, we use cold-pressed linseed oil that seals the wood surface much better than water or turpentine-based oils.
Please note that oil-treated products should be re-treated at least three times in the first year after installation. This will saturate the wood and prevent drying cracks. Subsequently, depending on how much the parts are exposed to the weather, they should be re-treated twice a year. We can now also offer a transparent UV surface treatment for our Sapelli mahogany and oak products. The UV surface treatment is similar to painting and the elements do not need to be treated for the first many years.


Modern buildings often have dark frames externally. Here often a lighter, possibly white colour is chosen internally. We can paint our patio doors in two or three colour combinations – also if desired, for example, oiled mahogany combined with a white colour.

We can also paint several types of texture as well as a colourless paint – like varnish.

Some options are:
1. Combination of RAL 9005/9010
2. Combination of RAL 7016/9010
3. Mahogany, combined with 9010 and linseed oil
4. Mahogany, oiled with cold-pressed linseed oil
5. Mahogany, with cold-pressed black pigmented linseed oil
6. Oak, oiled with cold-pressed black pigmented linseed oil
7. Oak, oiled with cold-pressed linseed oil 


The glass is a major part of a patio door. It is therefore important that the choice of glass is correct. Besides two or three-layer glass, the patio door can be supplied with glass that meets different requirements and functions. We only use quality glass from the leading glass manufacturers for the construction industry. We offer a wide selection and will readily advise you.

Please note that the more energy-efficient glass you choose the greater care you take of the environment. It is worthwhile investing in energy-efficient glass as the door and glass are built to last for many years.


All the work is done on CNC robots with a precision of a tenth of a millimetre.

Our quality control and CNC robots eliminate the risk of human error and too large tolerances.


The Lacuna patio doors are manufactured to your wishes and can be up to 100 cm wide with two layers of glass and 90 cm with three layers of glass.


Lacuna offers flexibility in its design. This means that you can freely choose whether you want your patio doors without glazing bars, with helima integral bars, standard glazing bars, panels or perhaps with breaking transoms.


You have the option of choosing many different widths of the bars: 19 mm, 25 mm, 36 mm and 42 mm, with different types of profiles. In addition, you can get transoms (horizontal post) in 55 mm, 75 mm and 110 mm.


The majority of our customers choose a door without glazing bars or fillings.
The wide door leaves, in a very thin frame, give a stylish and simple impression.

Lacuna helårshus foldedør billeder


Lacuna manufactures several different types of glazing bars and transoms. Most of the customers who want glazing bars in their patio door choose 25 mm moulded bars with what we also call farmhouse profile on the inside. This design is also available in widths of 19mm, 36mm and 42mm. For all widths, an internal softline profile is also available, which gives a simple and modern impression that matches the style of new buildings. All of our glazing bars are externally tenoned in the frame (not glued to the glass) and cannot fall off.

Lacuna helårshus foldedør billeder


As an alternative to the traditional glazing bars, we also offer Helima bars. There are bars built in between the glass panes. Thus, there are no bars on the outside or inside of the door. Helima is price-attractive and has a great advantage when it comes to cleaning. The bars are available in several widths: 18mm, 26mm and 45mm.


If you want wider posts, we also make 55 mm, 75 mm and 110 mm horizontal transoms. These are continuous and thus divide the glass in the door. The transoms are, of course, completely integrated into the design of the frame.


Lacuna also supplies panels that are flat or raised. The panels are not solid but laminated with a high-insulating material for the best possible insulation. Panels are supplied in the same colour as the door.


The Lacuna products can be exposed to powerful corrosive forces in e.g. Greenland and other coastal areas, with sometimes up to 7% salt content in the water.

At Lacuna we do not distinguish between where the elements are to be installed. All Lacuna products are manufactured in the same high quality.


We want the door including ironmongery to stay beautiful without corrotion for its entire life. We know that there are many different conditions that affect ironmongery. Particularly coastal areas can be a challenge for the stainless steel, so all parts are therefore treated with protective oil. Lacuna recommends regular maintenance and washing to keep the ironmongery and door clean. All hinges and handles are made of stainless steel and are available in black, white or steel.

Please read our maintenance guide.