Lacuna supplies products of the highest quality and is always ready to advise on the installation of our folding doors and windows. It is important that the installation method is thought through from the start so that the folding door or window is supplied in the right size and with the right specifications.


The film shows an assembly process from reception to delivery. In about 20 minutes you will get a good insight into the work.

All our shipments are marked with a so-called QR code, which when scanning with a mobile phone gives access to this movie.


The video shows how you can adjust your doors or folding windows. In just over 20 minutes you get a good insight into the work.

All our shipments are marked with a QR code which, when scanned with a mobile phone, gives access to this movie.


Each door leaf can weigh up to 80 kg., and unless you choose a fiber-reinforced top frame, the structure above the door must be able to carry up to 100 kg. per linear meter opening, with a maximum deflection of 3 mm in total. However, most door leaves weigh about 40-50 kg, which significantly reduces the load on the structure above the folding door.

Lacuna’s top frame is, with integrated rail, more precise than systems with manual installation of rails. Since correct installation of the top frame is crucial for the finished result, the integrated rail ensures, in addition to great accuracy, faster installation and a much better finish.


As a folding door from Lacuna hangs from the rail in the top frame, this must be installed in such a stable lintel that it does not deflect due to the weight of the door leaves. In challenging cases, the top frame can be supplied in several heights and even fiber-reinforced.

As Lacuna delivers solutions in infinite widths and heights, there is no fact sheet for the dimensioning of the lintel.


The Lacuna folding door or folding window is supplied disembled and can therefore be handled by two people without help. If items are stored for a long time, it must be ensured that they are dry and safe and always kept in the transport packaging. Wet packaging can, over time, leave marks on the frames and the leaves that can be difficult to remove.



An installation box with all the necessary parts for use in installing the frames and hanging the leaves, is included with all deliveries.There is also a small pot of touch-up paint in the box – in case an accident happens.

Frame screws are not included.

The installation manual must be read before installing.

For the best preparation, watch our installation video.