Superiorinsulation values

The Lacuna folding doors are certified, tight and well insulating. Our patented system is designed with emphasis on great insulation properties and tightness through double seals in the outer frame and triple seals between the door leaves. Lacuna folding doors are built to work from -60 degrees and up to +50 degrees celcius. Therefore, customers far above the polar circle as well as on the Equator are happy with our products. Good insulation and tightness work both ways!


Insulation and tightness are crucial for making a folding door financially viable. Therefore, from the beginning, it has been fundamental for Lacuna to create a product that is completely tight, even in hurricanes that far exceed what we usually see in Northern Europe.

A Lacuna folding door would have kept tight even during Hurricane Katarina!

Lacuna foldedør produkt detaljer


Thereby, a Lacuna folding door is the economic solution in the long run. There is a good reason why the Lacuna products have been short-listed for the Danish Construction Association’s annual Energy Award several times. Of course we continue the development – Lacuna takes pride in being at the forefront, both in terms of functionality, finish and burglar security, as well as durability, sustainability and energy conscience. When it comes to product development, we think in German. When it comes to design, we think in Danish. And we are proud to supply our products to numerous countries.


Lacuna products are highest-ranking with regard to insulation properties. The insulation value is measured in Uw. The smaller the number, the better the insulation. A normal window, with double-glazed low-energy glass has a Uw value of 1.2 to 1.5. A Lacuna product, with comparable glass, has a Uw value of 1.05, and with three-layer standard glass we can get all the way down to a Uw value of 0.8. Yes, the numbers speak for themselves, because it means that the home only requires 40% of the energy for heating that is needed for a standard window or folding door.


We use FSC-certified, laminated, heat-treated beech from Germany for all painted products. Heat-treated beech is as durable as teak, i.e. class 1, which are the species of wood that last almost indefinitely and do not rot.

Moreover, it has an insulation that far exceeds non-heat-treated wood species, and not least, as it cannot absorb water in wet and humid weather, the timber has a great dimensional stability.

Lacuna foldedør produkt detaljer


For the above reasons, Lacuna products are not manufactuered in timber/alu, which can be an excellent solution for a single or two door leaves in one frame. The problems with other species of wood occur when there are three or more leaves in one frame. Lacuna folding doors are used under very varying climatic conditions. In Bergen in Norway, or in the Faroe Islands, it can rain 250 days or more a year, while elsewhere it hardly rains. The dimensional stability of the timber is therefore crucial for the high-performing insulation properties.