Lacuna helårshus foldedør billeder


All folding doors, patio doors and windows must be maintained. This includes cleaning, lubrication and checking of weather seals and glazing gaskets



All windows and doors entering the market in the EU must be CE-marked according to DS / EN 14351-1, which is the common European product standard for windows and doors. Lacuna is CE quality certified and has the right to use the CE mark on our elements. The CE mark is located on the folding door frame in the hinge side and on the last side of the installation manual. Declaration of conformity is found on the packaging of the door and can be handed out on request.


Depending on the orientation and location, the outer leaf and frame surfaces will become dirty. Cleaning of these should be done at regular intervals, and this is usually done in connection with window cleaning, where the leaf and frame surfaces are washed with water containing ordinary detergent.

Surfaces and edges are wiped afterwards. All external metal parts must be cleaned regularly. Emerging corrosion can through early action be treated with a normal sponge scourer (not steel / metal).


Once a year, all moving parts at the hinges and closing and lock parts should be lubricated. Pure metal joints should be lubricated with neutral oil, which may be applied with an oil can, an injection syringe, or a spray can with a thin tube. Moving joints between metal and synthetic materials should be lubricated with candle wax or a special lubricant according to the supplier’s directions. Such joints may be found on sliding rails of various types, and for them to function properly it is important that the slide faces of the rails etc. are kept clean.


All doors are treated with oil at the factory. This basic treatment is not permanent. The elements require first treatment right after the installation. The oil is applied with a cloth and the excess oil should be wiped off within 15 minutes. Wash the windows immediately after (to remove potential oil).

General maintenance

• Apply the oil with a fine sanding sponge or cloth.
• If the veins of the wood have risen, a sanding sponge is used to make the surface smooth.
• Do not touch the glass with a sanding sponge.
• After 10-15 minutes excess oil is removed with a dry cloth.
• The panes are subsequently cleaned normally.

Lacuna recommend that the external side of oiled elements should be treated at least twice a year. If they face south or west, preferably each spring and autumn, depending on exposure. The oil will give the wood a beautiful glow.

Internally the post-treatment is rarely needed.

If you do not maintain the wood with oil, small cracks in the wood emerge as the wood dries out and shrinks. Insufficient maintenance may have consequences for the functionality, durability and guarantee of the door.


All our items are factory-finished in an environmentally friendly water-based paint. This is a complete treatment. However, over time exposure to wind and weather means that the door should be re-treated (usually only after many years of use).

Lacuna recommends that the folding doors are treated with AQUATOP 2600-22 from Teknos. Please remember to give the colour code as shown on the order confirmation. When the door is supplied, touch-up paint of the right type will be enclosed.

The folding door should be checked for possible damages and cracks. In general, use oil-based filler to bare wood and acrylic filler on primed and painted wood. The surfaces should be painted with a brush or roller to obtain a covered surface.